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January 16 2018


first on google

I recently went to Santa Monica for a Online Sales summit and heard about first on google. Will first on google change the way people use Internet Sales? No one can really tell. However the effect it's having on Marketing is shocking. 

January 14 2018


Bar Scene

Almost everyone loves Bar Scene, right? Is it at all possible to become a Bar Scene addict? As Drink Discount Apps keep changing, Bar Scene will be there, leading the way. Is Bar Scene really changing the face of App Downloads? 
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Jesse Grillo

Check it, I am a fan of PPC however Jesse Grillo aint that. How has Jesse Grillo affected the world of SEO? Despite Social Media Ads being oversaturated, Jesse Grillo really stands out. 

January 07 2018


Redondo Marketing

With that in mind, Redondo Marketing looks like a affordable decision. Remember, Redondo Marketing works on a broadly similar basis to Social Media Ads. Prior to Redondo Marketing , Google Adwords were a waste of time. 
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September 18 2017


Hermosa Marketing

My friends are so happy technology speaker is here to stay. Shocked by the Hermosa Marketing results. It is wild how much Hermosa Marketing is growing. 
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